New Dampeners designed and Made in Korea by J&J Archery for BM Archery products. /

retail pricing (recomended).

blue model 20 US dollars per piece.


black or red color- 22 US dollars per piece.

For Limbs recurve

New Dampeners for Limbs.

For Handle

New Dampeners for Risers.

for Stabilizers.

for Sights.

new Dampeners for Sights.

what are BM dampers?



     They are accesories you can put in different parts of your bow, stabilizers, sights to avoid vibrations and reduce injuries.


What are they for?


   They reduce inmediately the Vibrations who go through the bow and the archer´s body-


 Are there different models?

Yes, therea re different models, according to the archers´s needs and set up.


Are they really effective? ABSOLUTELY, they have been tested with machibes conected to a Monitoring Screen meaning a BIG difference BEFORE and AFTER using them. The Noise in the bow set up is reduced drastically, no matter which bow you use, recurve or Compound.

If the archer encounters problems with the sight pin moving after every few releases , this problem is solved inmediately, meaning better Grouping and confidence SHOT AFTER SHOT.


if there were strange vibrations in the tip of any stabilizer, this system solves that problem.

If there is any small crack in recurve limbs, this system of dampers (ask for models for recurve limbs) stop that crack from increasing and makes your limbs ´ life longer.

Are there National and International archers using them? YES, archers like Jesus Jacinto Perez Gonzalez, member of Spanish National Team 2017, and taking part in World Cup Berlin 2017 and World Cup Mexico is using them. In recurve, many Korean archers are using them.



email :


bY PHONE (34) 646 60 98 63


There are several dampers according to the Needs.

The small ones are usually for short /side rods, although some archers are using them in the sights bar with great success to avoid Vibrations.

The largest ones are for long rods and the round model for recurve risers, just below the grip. There are 2 specific models for recurve limbs as well.